Southern Salads Continuous Motion PackagingSouthern Salads, based in Kent in the UK has recently installed two Novus 350s to pack their Iceberg lettuce and other leaves. This installation is part of a major investment in their processing and packing facility.

Southern Salads is a hugely successful family run business. Starting life off in markets in London, CEO & founder Ray Boakes developed the business by supplying shredded lettuce to multinational high street restaurant chains and has continued to serve this market ever since.

Southern Salads is a long-standing Hayssen Flexible Systems’ customer who utilise several intermittentSandiacre TG 320 machines to pack their products. When they decided to move forward with continuous motion packing, it was a logical move to choose Hayssen Flexible Systems’ machinery. Their new Novus produce specification machines have been specifically designed to improve speeds, pack integrity and decrease maintenance and servicing costs against current machines.

The unique product stager device prevents product from getting into the end seals and the Novus’ Quali-seal jaws offer extended sealing times and increased pack seal integrity. The Novus’s independent bag squeezer reduces oxygen levels in the bag, while the gas flushing feature slows down bacterial growth, increasing the longevity of the product’s shelf life. “Hayssen Flexible Systems’ ability to supply machines with a guaranteed increase in output and seal integrity was a key decision making factor to help us better serve our customers,” says Andrew Boakes, Managing Director at Southern Salads.

Andrew Boakes explains further “Having experienced Hayssen Flexible Systems’ outstanding after sales service support for many years it was an easy decision to continue our relationship with them. Their technical team are always readily available to give support and advice which we highly value.”


McEntire Produce, headquartered in Columbia, SC, is a fresh produce processor, repacker and wholesaler serving the Southeast for over 70 years. McEntire Produce is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and increase speeds in their produce packaging lines to meet customer demand. After initially agreeing to be a beta testing production site for HayssenSandiacre’s Novus Produce vertical form fill seal machine, McEntire Produce has purchased the continuous motion machine for its exceptional performance.   McEntire Produce has been impressed with the Novus Produce Machine since shortly after receiving the machine. Tom Ribken, HayssenSandiacre Sales Executive, represents the southeast U.S. and worked closely with McEntire Produce from install of beta machine to purchase. Ribken comments on McEntire Produce’s decision to go with the Novus, “The wow factor happened when this bagger consistently met speeds of 55 bpm for a compressed 5lb package of shredded lettuce.  The existing baggers in the plant are not capable of attaining the Novus bpm’s while consistently maintaining package integrity.”

McEntire’s Maintenance Manager comments, “We were looking for ways to increase speeds while maintaining clean end seals and low leaker rates. The Novus has delivered on all counts. Our business is continuing to grow and we are looking to add a second Novus combined with an Ishida scale in the near future.”

Along with impressive speeds, the Novus Produce machine also features an independently timed stager which prevents product from contaminating end seals resulting in package leaks.  Other features include independently timed bag squeezer to compress bag size, orbital style knife and Quali-seal jaws.  HayssenSandiacre has worked with national produce companies for many years and helped to pioneer pre-washed, packaged bags of salads/lettuce.  The new Novus Produce machine joins the Ultima family of machines to further extend HayssenSandiacre’s product line which are well-suited for fresh cut produce applications.

The reliability, ongoing support and trust led the Francesco Barduca company to appoint Simionato as a partner.     



It all started in 1977 when a young Franceso Barduca initiated a long journey in the production and sale of leafy vegetables.

“Against many who did not believe in the project and with the support of Annamaria his young wife, Barduca decided to propose to consumers not just high-quality vegetables but also a service:  ready-to-serve fresh products” says Alessia Barduca. “It did not take long to see the first results, the company growth and the success of fresh produce, ready-to-serve vegetables, has become a reality and a necessity for many families. In 1999 the company decided to further improve the quality and health of its product, making another important and, at the time, unconventional decision to become an organic farm. Over time this choice has proved to be successful, not only because of economic interests but for deep convictions“.

Today Francesco Barduca S.r.l. exports its products, in particular organic salads, throughout Europe and has also been recognized as a “Company of Excellence” under the “Confindustria Awards for Excellence Andrea Pininfarina”, which rewards the best companies at a national level. As Alessia explains “These results were possible thanks to vital principles that the company has never lost: on one hand, a great respect to the values that the earth continues to give us and on the other hand, looking forward to constant innovation.”  Throughout this time, Simionato provided packaging and weighing equipment to Barduca including multi-head weighers, tray sealers, tray-filling machines, horizontal packaging machines and metal detectors. “The first contract with Simionato was in 1987 and we can say that it was certainly a good sign,” says Alessia Barduca, “the investment we made proved to be successful. The Simionato system is reliable and over time has increased our productivity. The area where we are most satisfied with is the ongoing customer support that Simionato has provided us.”



The latest release of the multihead scale 14-45 Salad version supplied includes technological upgrades which have increased production by over 30%. The multihead Salad scale has a system of vibrators that guarantees an optimized distribution of the product and the new inclination of the radial vibrators offer better product flow. This new upgrade results in a longer machine life and lower maintenance costs.
For any additional information on the multihead latest releases, please feel free to contact
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PMT Magazine Names Florida Specialties 2011 Packaging Line of the Year

Congratulations to Florida Specialties, PMT’s 2011 Packaging Line of the Year. HayssenSandiacre vertical baggers and Thiele case packing systems are part of the premier line located in Immokalee, producing 12 oz. bags at up to 120 bags per minute. Florida Specialties enlisted the processing and packaging expertise of Heat and Control, Hayward, Calif., to develop an overall packaging solution that would integrate seamlessly with the facility’s already established washing and case packing lines. We invite you to read the full story and recognition of Florida Specialties on PMT’s website:

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