Does your packaging application require daily sanitation?
Check out this video to see how simple and fast it is to washdown the Simionato Logic vffs bagger.

If product residuals are not removed promptly they may form deposits and seriously damage rollers, which can create considerable friction with film feeding and ultimately leading to tearing of the film. If you want to keep your bagger timeless, you need to clean it regularly, and it’s simple to do on the Logic bagger. For more information, contact



Quad Pack Truffles: Video of Packaging Line

The Annual NW Food Manufacturing & Packaging Expo is the largest regional food manufacturing trade show in North America. The 2014 event will be held January 12-15 in Portland, Oregon.

HayssenSandiacre will be exhibiting the Logic VFFS bagger in BOOTH 709. A preview video of a Logic VFFS Packaging Line has been uploaded by HayssenSandiacre. The specific install has four packaging lines with an impressive output of quad packages filled with wrapped praline truffles.

HayssenSandiacre is also offering an exclusive VIP Food Processor Code for food processors to receive a complimentary Expo Hall Pass. Simply click this link, then select the FOOD PROCESSOR registration type and enter the following code to attend NWFPA at no cost! Use Invitation Code: PROCESSORVIP709


Giant Snacks of Wahpeton, North Dakota prides itself in offering  the largest (hence the name ‘Giant Snacks’) sunflower seeds for its customer base. Specializing in roasting and packaging high-quality in-shell sunflower  seeds, in-shell pumpkin seeds, and corn snacks, Giant Snacks offers multiple  flavors including Dill, Salt & Pepper, Bacon Ranch and Kettle Roast (a  lower sodium sweet flavor). Sunflower seeds are sold to consumers in 3-oz,  5-oz, 5.75-oz, 9-oz and 12-oz with easy resealable pour spout bag sizes.

To process and package more than 3.5 million pounds of sunflower seeds each year, Giant Snacks  operates two twelve-hour shifts, five days a week. Working with  HayssenSandiacre, Giant Snacks recently purchased a Novus VFFS bagger to expand  their packaging line. Giant Snacks previously purchased Ultima VFFS systems for their  products and are happy with the performance and durability. This led them to  look at HayssenSandiacre’s newest model, the Novus continuous motion bagger to  increase throughput speeds.
“Quality assurance  is important throughout the production process to make sure shells are not  broken or dirty, are firm and do not have a limp texture. All packages are  nitrogen flushed to assure shelf freshness,” says Al Engstrom, Giant Snacks plant manager. Just as quality is important in selecting and packaging the  seeds, fully automating its five integrated packaging lines was a priority to  increase productivity.

Sunflower seeds are fed into Yamato series scales as part of the  HayssenSandiacre Ultima ST form-fill-seal machines or the Novus continuous motion form-fill-seal. After  sealing, the package runs through a metal detector, followed by robotic pick  and place case packer. The cases are bar coded with the product type, size,  date code, time packed and who packed it. Cases are then sealed and distributed all over the U.S.

 HayssenSandiacre is proud to be part of Giant Snacks’ operations as  they continue to grow. The exceptional taste of Giant sunflower seeds goes  back to 1958, when Bob Schuler began selecting the best-tasting sunflowers for  his customers. Dedication to quality is still top-priority and Giant Snacks  remains a family-owned company.


A new Miami FL, distribution center and dry-bean packing facility produces 1 million cases of bagged beans per year using three fully automated packaging lines. 

The premier source for authentic Latino cuisine, family-owned Goya Foods was established in 1936 in lower Manhattan, NY, by Don Prudencio Unanue and his wife, Carolina, both from Spain, as a distributor of olives, olive oil and sardines. Today, the company is the largest Hispanic owned food company in the United States, with 16 facilities in the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Spain, and a product line of 2,000 SKUs.

One of the secrets to Goya’s success, Unanue reveals, is the company’s investment in equipment and automation.

Goya recently broke ground on a new Miami facility to accommodate the company’s growth in Florida, driven both by new people coming into the area and by consumers’ growing willingness to try new foods and flavours. Says Goya Foods of Florida, Director of Operations, Development and Manufacturing Angel Portuondo, “Our sales have been growing every year.”

To address speed, Goya selected the HayssenSandiacre Ultima ST intermittent motion VFFS machine, which has a top-rated output of 100bpm. At Goya, Line 1 alternates between 24oz and 4lb bags; Lines 2 and 3 handle 12 and 14oz bag sizes. According to Portuondo, the baggers run at speeds from 90 to 92bpm for the smaller sizes at 55bpm for the larger sizes. Compared with the speeds formerly achieved by Goya using its old equipment, the higher output of the new machines translates to an extra 500 cases per line, per shift. On the Hayssen VFFS machine, a volumetric feeder measures out the appropriate amount of beans, which are dumped into the formed bags. Prior to forming, bag rollstock is printed by a thermal transfer overprinter with the manufacturing date, best-by date and expiration date.

In the dry-bean packing room, three packaging lines produce up to 1 million cases of beans per year over one shift, with the ability to expand to 3 million.

The reliability, ongoing support and trust led the Francesco Barduca company to appoint Simionato as a partner.     



It all started in 1977 when a young Franceso Barduca initiated a long journey in the production and sale of leafy vegetables.

“Against many who did not believe in the project and with the support of Annamaria his young wife, Barduca decided to propose to consumers not just high-quality vegetables but also a service:  ready-to-serve fresh products” says Alessia Barduca. “It did not take long to see the first results, the company growth and the success of fresh produce, ready-to-serve vegetables, has become a reality and a necessity for many families. In 1999 the company decided to further improve the quality and health of its product, making another important and, at the time, unconventional decision to become an organic farm. Over time this choice has proved to be successful, not only because of economic interests but for deep convictions“.

Today Francesco Barduca S.r.l. exports its products, in particular organic salads, throughout Europe and has also been recognized as a “Company of Excellence” under the “Confindustria Awards for Excellence Andrea Pininfarina”, which rewards the best companies at a national level. As Alessia explains “These results were possible thanks to vital principles that the company has never lost: on one hand, a great respect to the values that the earth continues to give us and on the other hand, looking forward to constant innovation.”  Throughout this time, Simionato provided packaging and weighing equipment to Barduca including multi-head weighers, tray sealers, tray-filling machines, horizontal packaging machines and metal detectors. “The first contract with Simionato was in 1987 and we can say that it was certainly a good sign,” says Alessia Barduca, “the investment we made proved to be successful. The Simionato system is reliable and over time has increased our productivity. The area where we are most satisfied with is the ongoing customer support that Simionato has provided us.”



The latest release of the multihead scale 14-45 Salad version supplied includes technological upgrades which have increased production by over 30%. The multihead Salad scale has a system of vibrators that guarantees an optimized distribution of the product and the new inclination of the radial vibrators offer better product flow. This new upgrade results in a longer machine life and lower maintenance costs.
For any additional information on the multihead latest releases, please feel free to contact
PMT Magazine

PMT Magazine Names Florida Specialties 2011 Packaging Line of the Year

Congratulations to Florida Specialties, PMT’s 2011 Packaging Line of the Year. HayssenSandiacre vertical baggers and Thiele case packing systems are part of the premier line located in Immokalee, producing 12 oz. bags at up to 120 bags per minute. Florida Specialties enlisted the processing and packaging expertise of Heat and Control, Hayward, Calif., to develop an overall packaging solution that would integrate seamlessly with the facility’s already established washing and case packing lines. We invite you to read the full story and recognition of Florida Specialties on PMT’s website:

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