Forno Miotti TartsItalian-based Forno Miotti is a family-owned bakery established near Padua by Cesare Miotti back in 1930. The company, currently run by Cesare’s grandchildren Ferdinando and Luca Tabaschi, has been producing delicious bakery products with the same passion and care its founder had in the past. Forno Miotti’s specialties are artisanal fruit tarts, full of flavor and fragrance, like homemade cakes.

To support the growing demand for these little bites of heaven, Forno Miotti has just recently installed a Schib CO50 packaging machine.

Schib CO50

Luca Tabaschi, Production Manager, explains his decision to turn to Schib. “In up-scaling our production we needed a dependable packaging machine that could offer us enough flexibility to pack our tarts selection. We opted for Schib because of their experience in the bakery industry. The Schib CO50 machine is extremely well built and it ensures that we are able to meet our increased production requirements.”

Fharid Peron, Sales Executive at Schib, comments: “We are very proud to be part of the fantastic growth of Forno Miotti, an outstanding example of the Italian dedication to quality.”


Goji Berries from ULSTAR Packaging in High-Quality Bags

“Goji berries strengthen the body and give long life,” says a Chinese medicine saying. ULSTAR, a company in Lana, Italy packages these berries, also considered the “fruit of well-being” as well as high quality cranberries and natural juices. ULSTAR is a wholesale company utilizing the latest technology packing system made by Hayssen Flexible Systems.

The complete packaging line includes infeed conveyor, Simionato multihead weigher RCW8B15Simionato Logic 35 packaging machine and a combined checkweigher with metal detector. The line is installed in a controlled atmosphere to ensure quality and safety of the product.

ULSTAR Packaging Facility

ULSTAR Packaging Facility

The Simionato RCW 8B15 weigher has a technology called “boost” that ensures high weighing accuracy and high speed. The multihead weigher is connected to the Simionato Logic 35 packaging machine, in which ULSTAR produces 4-side-sealed block bottom bags.

Thanks to the full system’s flexibility, ULSTAR has the option to pack different types of products, from high to low viscosity. ULSTAR can easily change recipes to produce “tailored” packages for third parties. “Yes, we are very happy with the investment. It is our first Simionato packaging machine and is doing its job every day!” says Rainhard Oberkofler, manager at Ulker.

For additional information ULSTAR and Goji berries, visit the website

Amica Chips Speaks at 2014 imPACKED event in Italy

Amica Chips Speaks at 2014 imPACKED event in Italy

Hayssen Flexible Systems recently held the 2014 imPACKED event in Padova, Italy, with Amica Chips as the featured customer sponsor. This video recaps highlights from the week-long show as well as interviews with customers, suppliers and packaging partners from around the globe. The event features vertical and horizontal form fill seal equipment and related equipment from Barry-Wehmiller  including Schib flow wrapping and packaging lines, Thiele Technologies case packing, Accraply labeling and Pneumatic Scale Angelus filling systems. For more info on upcoming imPACKED events, please contact


In support of a major horizontal wrapper systems growth initiative, Hayssen Flexible Systems recently acquired Schib Packaging S.r.l., based in Monte di Malo (Vicenza), Italy. Schib is a leading-edge company in the production of horizontal flow-wrapping machines as well as automatic feeders and automated wrapping systems.  The combined organization leverages capabilities and experiences to gain a competitive advantage in the global flexible packaging market.

Schib Packaging began as a wrapping machinery business in 1968 and over the years has provided packaging solutions for diverse industries from food sectors such as candy, biscuit and bakery to non-food sectors including personal care, household items, and industrial components.  You can view this video to learn more about Schib’s packaging equipment portfolio. Contact Ryan Glenn for more details, or read the full press release.


Colussi Group is an Italian private company that operates in the food sector. Its activities include the production and selling of high quality products such as pasta, rice, bakery products and confectionery. The Group includes five of the most excellent brands of Italian tradition: Colussi, Misura, Agnesi, Flora, Sapori di Siena 1832. The adoption of modern procedures guarantees the authenticity, health and hygiene of the products from the factory to the table in our homes.

Simionato has provided Colussi Group with several systems, including weighing and packaging machines. The oldest machines dates back to 1990. Throughout the years, the relationship between the two companies has strengthened, through intensive cooperation that was implemented by a tailored service program.

Service scheduled through Simionato gives the opportunity to plan and reduce maintenance costs, without incurring any downtime with relative inconveniences. The maintenance contract includes a scheduled service by a qualified Simionato team member, intervention priorities and spare parts discounts.

“We are very pleased with this service, it has strengthened the collaboration between our two companies, establishing a relationship of continuity and reliability. The proposed maintenance contract gave us the opportunity to organize interventions in different plants, warranting ongoing maintenance of the machines. The positive results led us to a renewal of the contract,” says Mr. Pennisi,  Industrial Management of Colussi Spa.

The reliability, ongoing support and trust led the Francesco Barduca company to appoint Simionato as a partner.     



It all started in 1977 when a young Franceso Barduca initiated a long journey in the production and sale of leafy vegetables.

“Against many who did not believe in the project and with the support of Annamaria his young wife, Barduca decided to propose to consumers not just high-quality vegetables but also a service:  ready-to-serve fresh products” says Alessia Barduca. “It did not take long to see the first results, the company growth and the success of fresh produce, ready-to-serve vegetables, has become a reality and a necessity for many families. In 1999 the company decided to further improve the quality and health of its product, making another important and, at the time, unconventional decision to become an organic farm. Over time this choice has proved to be successful, not only because of economic interests but for deep convictions“.

Today Francesco Barduca S.r.l. exports its products, in particular organic salads, throughout Europe and has also been recognized as a “Company of Excellence” under the “Confindustria Awards for Excellence Andrea Pininfarina”, which rewards the best companies at a national level. As Alessia explains “These results were possible thanks to vital principles that the company has never lost: on one hand, a great respect to the values that the earth continues to give us and on the other hand, looking forward to constant innovation.”  Throughout this time, Simionato provided packaging and weighing equipment to Barduca including multi-head weighers, tray sealers, tray-filling machines, horizontal packaging machines and metal detectors. “The first contract with Simionato was in 1987 and we can say that it was certainly a good sign,” says Alessia Barduca, “the investment we made proved to be successful. The Simionato system is reliable and over time has increased our productivity. The area where we are most satisfied with is the ongoing customer support that Simionato has provided us.”



The latest release of the multihead scale 14-45 Salad version supplied includes technological upgrades which have increased production by over 30%. The multihead Salad scale has a system of vibrators that guarantees an optimized distribution of the product and the new inclination of the radial vibrators offer better product flow. This new upgrade results in a longer machine life and lower maintenance costs.
For any additional information on the multihead latest releases, please feel free to contact
Simionato Packaging Systems Italy

Simionato Packaging Systems Italy

DUNCAN, S.C. — November 15, 2011 — Michael T. May, president of HayssenSandiacre, Inc., announced the stock purchase of Simionato Integrated Packaging System S.r.l., formerly privately owned through Vela Capital. Simionato is a manufacturer of integrated flexible packaging systems based in Mestrino, Italy. The combined organization aligns major operation bases in Italy, England and America. With 20,000 machinery installations worldwide and annual revenues approaching $100 million the organizations bring their combined richness of culture and experience to the global flexible packaging industry. The addition of Simionato expands HayssenSandiacre’s range of flexible packaging equipment solutions as well as our geographical presence in new global markets,” May said. “By leveraging the products and experiences of our U.S., U.K. and Italian operations, we are confident the Simionato product line will be immediately accretive to the worldwide HayssenSandiacre business model.”
Established in 1963 with the production of a vertical packing machine, Simionato today is a market leader in the design, manufacture and support of integrated packaging systems. With more than 5,000 installations in plants located all over the world, Simionato enjoys a reputation as a quality provider of complete system solutions.
“We are pleased to join HayssenSandiacre as this provides even greater capability to support customers as an enhanced global packaging systems partner with a broad platform of machinery solutions and an expanded network of sales and service team members,” said Monica Pugiotto, who will continue as COO of the Simionato operation in Italy.
With the integration of Simionato, HayssenSandiacre gains expanded entry into the European, Middle Eastern and South American marketplaces through an established market leader in products that are complementary with HayssenSandiacre’s own offerings. “This strategic combination of organizations and technologies is very much in alignment with our vision of providing system solutions to meet the range of our customer’s global operational needs” explained Simon Lagoe, managing director of HayssenSandiacre Europe in Nottingham, U.K.

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