Alimentos Y Frutos, in Chile, continues its growth by choosing the Simionato range of solutions to package frozen and fragile products.

Alifrut S.A has the highest production capacity for frozen vegetables and fruits of any company in Latin America and is   currently the largest exporter of store brands for retail in America,   Europe and the East. Alifrut also boasts the country’s largest cold   storage capacity (-18°).

Alifrut’s quality products are packed with Simionato systems, inclusive of multihead scales (RCW 16B-21 and RCW Fragile) as well as vertical form fill seal ( Logic Brushless and Inclined Logic).   These are just a few of the machines used in the 6 Alifrut plants around Chile. The complete automatic vertical systems include highly-hygienic conveyors systems, multihead scales for frozen environments, metal detectors and baggers producing poly packs ranging from 200g to 2500g.

Alifrut chose Simionato for the high speeds and  leading-edge packaging technology.



Pinguin Foods Develops New Pillow Pack with Zip for IQF Peas: Packaged on Novus VFFS with ITZ

Pinguin Foods is now producing their new pillow pack with zip using HayssenSandiacre’s VFFS Novus

Pinguin Foods is a producer of IQF vegetables, with thirteen production sites, primarily situated throughout Europe with the UK site being based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. Pinguin’s frozen vegetables can be found in many of the leading supermarkets in the UK.

The pillow pack with zip is a more consumer friendly way of storing IQF peas, as the pack can be opened and closed easier than the standard pillow pack. For bigger bags of IQF peas, this helps to ensure that there is less wastage when storing in the freezer.

HayssenSandiacre was able to offer an integrated transverse zip applicator on their Novus machine, which could very easily switch between the pillow pack and pillow pack with zip option. Despite the complexity of the pillow pack with zip, the speed of the pillow pack with zip is similar to that of the standard pillow pack.
Paul Spurrell, Engineering Manager at Pinguin Foods in the UK described HayssenSandiacre as being a great partner in the development of this new pack format.

“HayssenSandiacre have been fantastic to work with right through the order process from zip selection to the site support for our customer trials. One major benefit is that our overall line speed has not been compromised with the introduction of the zip, as we have been able to maintain our bag maker speed.”

Pinguin Foods is currently packing their bags of IQF peas of weights ranging from 750g up to 1.81kg on the Novus 350TZA (Transverse zip applicator) continuous motion packaging machine.


Nature's Choice Foods

Nature’s Choice Products in Johannesburg, South Africa has invested in a HayssenSandiacre Novus 350 machine for their frozen vegetables factory.

“Having worked with HayssenSandiacre since 2006 and currently utilising 4 vertical Form Fill Seal bag makers from HayssenSandiacre, it was a natural decision for Nature’s Choice to choose the Novus to meet their expanding business needs,” Lloyd Mitchell CEO of Nature’s Choice commented.

“We have been looking to increase our packaging capacity for a number of months. When HayssenSandiacre informed us that they had a fully stainless steel Novus, high speed machine at the ProPak Africa show in Johannesburg in early March 2013, it helped us to make a quick decision to take the opportunity and buy the machine. The show finished on the Friday and by Sunday the machine was in our factory producing filled packs.”

Nature’s Choice Products are one of Southern Africa’s largest growers, processors and packers of IQF Vegetables and French Fries.

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