Fox’s Biscuits, one of the UK’s leading biscuit manufacturers, located in Batley in the UK, has recently purchased a new Rose Forgrove Merlin HSE flow wrapper from HayssenSandiacre.

Fox’s Biscuits, who are part of the 2 Sisters Food Group, a food manufacturer with 47 sites based throughout Europe, have been working in partnership with HayssenSandiacre on their Caffè project to assist with a new product launch. Their recently purchased Merlin HSE is currently packing Thins and Snaps in trays, through a hand-fed line.

Fox’s Biscuits is an existing Rose Forgrove customer, with over 5 flow wrappers on site in Batley, Leeds.

Chris Rogers, Project Engineer at Fox’s Biscuits in Batley, explained why they opted for the Merlin HSE flow wrapper, “Partnering with Rose Forgrove for this project could not have gone more smoothly. The installation was carried out professionally, efficiently and on time. HayssenSandiacre promised us a machine on a short lead time. This was essential to enable us to meet consumer demand and the launch of our new product.”

According to Chris Rogers, having the opportunity to utilise HayssenSandiacre’s well-equipped technology centre was a key factor in deciding on pack specification. “HayssenSandiacre assisted with all initial products and packaging trials, ensuring a high seal integrity.”

Fox’s Biscuits Merlin HSE is producing packs at a throughput of approximately 70 packs per minute.


Giant Snacks of Wahpeton, North Dakota prides itself in offering  the largest (hence the name ‘Giant Snacks’) sunflower seeds for its customer base. Specializing in roasting and packaging high-quality in-shell sunflower  seeds, in-shell pumpkin seeds, and corn snacks, Giant Snacks offers multiple  flavors including Dill, Salt & Pepper, Bacon Ranch and Kettle Roast (a  lower sodium sweet flavor). Sunflower seeds are sold to consumers in 3-oz,  5-oz, 5.75-oz, 9-oz and 12-oz with easy resealable pour spout bag sizes.

To process and package more than 3.5 million pounds of sunflower seeds each year, Giant Snacks  operates two twelve-hour shifts, five days a week. Working with  HayssenSandiacre, Giant Snacks recently purchased a Novus VFFS bagger to expand  their packaging line. Giant Snacks previously purchased Ultima VFFS systems for their  products and are happy with the performance and durability. This led them to  look at HayssenSandiacre’s newest model, the Novus continuous motion bagger to  increase throughput speeds.
“Quality assurance  is important throughout the production process to make sure shells are not  broken or dirty, are firm and do not have a limp texture. All packages are  nitrogen flushed to assure shelf freshness,” says Al Engstrom, Giant Snacks plant manager. Just as quality is important in selecting and packaging the  seeds, fully automating its five integrated packaging lines was a priority to  increase productivity.

Sunflower seeds are fed into Yamato series scales as part of the  HayssenSandiacre Ultima ST form-fill-seal machines or the Novus continuous motion form-fill-seal. After  sealing, the package runs through a metal detector, followed by robotic pick  and place case packer. The cases are bar coded with the product type, size,  date code, time packed and who packed it. Cases are then sealed and distributed all over the U.S.

 HayssenSandiacre is proud to be part of Giant Snacks’ operations as  they continue to grow. The exceptional taste of Giant sunflower seeds goes  back to 1958, when Bob Schuler began selecting the best-tasting sunflowers for  his customers. Dedication to quality is still top-priority and Giant Snacks  remains a family-owned company.


Pinguin Foods Develops New Pillow Pack with Zip for IQF Peas: Packaged on Novus VFFS with ITZ

Pinguin Foods is now producing their new pillow pack with zip using HayssenSandiacre’s VFFS Novus

Pinguin Foods is a producer of IQF vegetables, with thirteen production sites, primarily situated throughout Europe with the UK site being based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. Pinguin’s frozen vegetables can be found in many of the leading supermarkets in the UK.

The pillow pack with zip is a more consumer friendly way of storing IQF peas, as the pack can be opened and closed easier than the standard pillow pack. For bigger bags of IQF peas, this helps to ensure that there is less wastage when storing in the freezer.

HayssenSandiacre was able to offer an integrated transverse zip applicator on their Novus machine, which could very easily switch between the pillow pack and pillow pack with zip option. Despite the complexity of the pillow pack with zip, the speed of the pillow pack with zip is similar to that of the standard pillow pack.
Paul Spurrell, Engineering Manager at Pinguin Foods in the UK described HayssenSandiacre as being a great partner in the development of this new pack format.

“HayssenSandiacre have been fantastic to work with right through the order process from zip selection to the site support for our customer trials. One major benefit is that our overall line speed has not been compromised with the introduction of the zip, as we have been able to maintain our bag maker speed.”

Pinguin Foods is currently packing their bags of IQF peas of weights ranging from 750g up to 1.81kg on the Novus 350TZA (Transverse zip applicator) continuous motion packaging machine.

ImPacked2013 Packaging Machinery Event

Nottingham 7 Oct - 11 Oct

UK’s largest in-house packaging machinery event, ImPacked 2013, will be held 7 Oct – 11 October, 2013 in HayssenSandiacre’s newly renovated facility in Nottingham, England.

HayssenSandiacre is opening its doors to all types of food processors and distributors, giving them an opportunity to see live demonstrations of the latest in packaging machinery.

HayssenSandiacre, Simionato and Rose Forgrove brands of packaging equipment will be on display, featuring all-day demos:

Endoline is one of the show’s platinum sponsors. Public Relations Manager, Emma Scott, comments on Endoline’s participation, “We are privileged to sponsor and participate in this year’s ImPacked.  It is our objective to build upon our strong network of relationships and work in collaboration with third parties, OEM’s and system integrators to seamlessly deliver purpose-designed turnkey packing solutions to our customers. This event is the ideal environment to showcase what we all have to offer in a personal setting.”

Tony Crofts, Sales Manager for HayssenSandiacre Europe, explains the success of this show’s format, “Our mission is to build lasting relationships with our customers. Typical tradeshows are rushed and impersonal. We want to understand our customers’ needs and goals on a more personal level and our in-house ImPacked event makes it possible. Our OEMs always show strong interest in partnering with us for this event.”

Over 10 Sponsors have joined the event and will be exhibiting the entire week, including:

Customer Sponsors will be supplying products for the event and include Jakeman’s Confections, Pinguin Foods, Pipers Crisps, Swizzels-Matlow and Walker’s Non-Such.

Food Processors and Distributors can register for free online at

Logic Slim VFFS Packaging System

Logic Slim VFFS Packaging System

HayssenSandiacre proposes the Logic Slim Line for those short on space, but big on ambition. 

Following a request to  install a Logic 22 packaging machine in a very small space, the company decided to develop the Logic 22 Slim, reducing the space by 20% while maintaining the same performance and electronics of the standard  Logic Line.

A set of shrewd  moves, such as the transfer of all electronic parts inside the sealed structure of  high-strength alloy and the size reduction of the film reel unwind,  have led the R&D department to develop a packaging machine measuring just 800mm wide, 2450mm long and only 1600mm high. The  machine is capable of producing maximum bag sizes of width 200mm and length  370mm.

The Logic 22 Slim  can be produced in a painted and stainless steel version and can contain  different add-ons for the production of multiple bag styles.

For further  information, contact HayssenSandiacre sales.


Park Cake Bakeries Choose Logic to Package Micro Bites

The Park Cake Bakeries,  based in Oldham, UK, has opted for a Logic C system with indexed infeed conveyor to pack their retail quad packs of micro  bites.  The Park Cake Bakeries is using the Logic C system to produce small guilt-free pillow packs,  their Father’s Day pack and quad packs for their Food on the Move.

Chris Biddle, Engineering Manager at Park Cake Bakeries explains  his decision to choose the Logic system, “We were keen to get production  started as quickly as possible, so the fact that HayssenSandiacre could  offer us a machine with a quick delivery was a key factor in our decision  making process.”

“We needed a machine that could produce various bag types and with excellent sales advice, we found a machine that fit all our  requirements.”

The  Logic C vertical packaging machine is available with a range of different options, such as gas flushing, euro slot, anti-static system and much more


Nature's Choice Foods

Nature’s Choice Products in Johannesburg, South Africa has invested in a HayssenSandiacre Novus 350 machine for their frozen vegetables factory.

“Having worked with HayssenSandiacre since 2006 and currently utilising 4 vertical Form Fill Seal bag makers from HayssenSandiacre, it was a natural decision for Nature’s Choice to choose the Novus to meet their expanding business needs,” Lloyd Mitchell CEO of Nature’s Choice commented.

“We have been looking to increase our packaging capacity for a number of months. When HayssenSandiacre informed us that they had a fully stainless steel Novus, high speed machine at the ProPak Africa show in Johannesburg in early March 2013, it helped us to make a quick decision to take the opportunity and buy the machine. The show finished on the Friday and by Sunday the machine was in our factory producing filled packs.”

Nature’s Choice Products are one of Southern Africa’s largest growers, processors and packers of IQF Vegetables and French Fries.

Country Crest Invests in HayssenSandiacre’s Novus 350 VFFS

Country Crest, based in Lusk in Ireland, has just purchased their 6th HayssenSandiacre machine. Country Crest decided to purchase another continuous motion packaging machine from HayssenSandiacre to help increase productivity in their potato packaging process.  The decision was made easy by the fact that HayssenSandiacre could offer a short lead time and high flexibility on machine options.

Steve Sheridan Maintenance Engineer at Country Crest explains: “We needed to replace one of our existing packaging machines and have had a great experience using HayssenSandiacre machines in the past that it was an easy decision to make. We needed the packaging machine quickly to try and meet our high consumer demand and we were delighted when HayssenSandiacre said that they could meet this requirement”

Country Crest has bought the Novus 350 to produce both pillow packs and block bottom bags using laminate film as part of an upcoming project.


Cranswick are starting food production with premium pastry product manufacturer Yorkshire Baker next month as part of a new business venture. They will be packing their products using Rose Forgrove Merlin HSEs from HayssenSandiacre.

A new business division within Cranswick has been set up called the Cranswick Gourmet Pastry Company, which will not only see an increase in jobs, but also a greater presence in the food market.  Cranswick who produce premium pastry products, such as sausage rolls and pies were keen to get the new project moving along quickly.

HayssenSandiacre is supplying Cranswick with two Merlin HSE loan machines, while their new machines are being built to ensure that Cranswick will be able to meet their production requirements.

Rollo Thompson – Managing Director at Continental Fine Foods/ Yorkshire Baker said “Our range of Yorkshire Baker products is already available from some deli counters, but we will be up-scaling our production, so that we can supply to even more delis and shops in the future.”

“We opted for Rose Forgrove Flow Wrappers because of their extensive experience working within the bakery industry and HayssenSandiacre’s reputation for producing packaging machines of superior quality. The machines are extremely well built and lend themselves well to our working environment.  We didn’t want to stop production, so it was great that HayssenSandiacre offered us the opportunity to loan two machines for the duration of the new machine build.”

The Merlin HSE Flow Wrapper is flexible and dependable with an extensive machine range, which makes it ideal for packing a variety of different products. The Merlin HSE is available with a variety of options, such as stainless steel construction, pin type perforator, infeed extensions and gusseting units.

For further information, please contact HayssenSandiacre sales team.


The Lipton Tea Factory in Dubai is producing gusseted and block bottom packs for their loose leaf tea using HayssenSandiacre’s Aura 320LD – a VFFS, intermittent motion machine.

The Lipton Tea Factory has had a long standing relationship with HayssenSandiacre, having purchased HayssenSandiacre’s packaging machinery since 2006. According to The Lipton Tea Factory they have always been impressed with the level of service and quality of machinery offered by HayssenSandiacre. It was, therefore, an obvious choice to purchase another HayssenSandiacre machine.

Lipton’s Project Manager Andy Erena said: “We installed our first HayssenSandiacre packaging machine in 2006 and it has been extremely successful. With the growing demand for loose leaf tea, we needed to be able to produce packs at an output that would meet consumer demand. The Aura 320LD allows us to do so.”

“The machines are very versatile and are capable of producing various pack styles from small gusseted packs to large 5kg block bottom packs with carrier handles. We have always been pleased with HayssenSandiacre’s machinery. They are built to last, reliable and easy to use.”

According to The Lipton Tea Factory, it is producing packs at an approximately 75bpm with its installed 320LD.

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