New Generation CO50BB

New Generation CO50BB

Schib, a company of Hayssen Flexible Systems, has introduced a new generation CO 50 BB, an inverted horizontal flow wrapper featuring rotary motion HFFS technology. Described as extremely flexible and dependable, the machine is suited for a wide range of food and non-food products, both for single pack or multi-packing.

Schib has recently developed and installed a CO 50 BB for an application dedicated to the packaging of herbs. The peculiarities of such a soft, thin and irregular product offer some challenges to packaging. Gigliola Dal Medico, Sales and Marketing Administrator at Schib explains, “We have deployed some clever solutions to tackle these product-specific issues. Particularly, we have devised a flat belt in-feed conveyor capable of transporting (rather than pushing) the products towards the sealing groups.”

Additionally, for this herb packaging line, Schib installed a vision system before the film forming box, rather than the customary barrier photocell for product timing. The vision system offers more accuracy for the detection of the finest products. The machine also features a reel run out sensor, pre-printed film registration, pneumatic opening of sealing wheels and a carryover unit to help the packs exit the sealing crimpers. The average speed is 50 packs per minute, depending on bag length.

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Integrated Packaging Lines Weigh and Bag Various Types of Cereals

Santiveri Healthy Food and Natural Alternative MedicineIn 1885, a young man named Jaime Santiveri in Barcelona, Spain was diagnosed with a severe lung disease. He tried every type of medicine available in the market at the time. The only option was to try a natural, alternative medicine and luckily for him, it was the right solution. With a healthy lifestyle and alternative medicine, Jaime Santiveri was able to successfully recover from the disease. So in 1914 he opened his first factory in Spain, where he produced his own products and the company has never stopped since.

Today, Santiveri S.L. packs various types of genuine and healthy products. Cereals and bakery products are weighed and bagged on  Hayssen Logic 35 vertical form fill seal machines. The packaging line is equipped with special accessories for creating stand-up  quad bags, ranging in size from 100g to 1Kg. In order to make perfect bags, the VFFS includes a nip drive metering roll, heated plate system and updated quad sealing system. The end result is a perfectly sealed and formed quad bag at production rates of more than 40 bags per minute. The nip roller system simplifies and secures the film movement avoiding film slip while increasing speed, as well as extending the life of silicone pull belts.

The customer visited Hayssen’s Italian factory in Padova and tested the Logic machine before it shipped to Spain. Javier Santiveri, grandson of the first Santiveri, says of this most recent order, “I buy Hayssen because I have several Simionato VFFS systems and through the years the service has evolved to meet our needs and we are satisfied.”

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