The spare parts team in our Frankfurt, Germany office aims to satisfy our European, Middle Eastern and African customers with quick response, short delivery times, the best 24-hour service when the need arises. To achieve this they have created an optimized logistics setup, which delivers the needed parts very quickly.
In a recent example, the team delivered a much needed, very rushed part, in only 24 hours from the original call for help.
Here is a sample of the service level that our Frankfurt office delivers, especially when it comes to support during machine breakdowns:
“At 11:00 in the morning of November 2, we received an urgent request from a customer in Norway,” explains Fátima, Customer Service Representative at BW Papersystems Frankfurt. “They had a machine breakdown and needed replacement parts as soon as possible. Within short time, a quote for an oversized, almost 5 meters long item was sent to the customer. Standard delivery would have taken one week, but due to the emergency of the situation, we had to find the fastest way possible to deliver this large part. Air freight was out of question due to the length of the crate, therefore a road transport was the fastest and most cost efficient option. We had to find a dedicated truck right away! Even more, two drivers would have to make shifts to cover the 16 hours long drive (1400 km) and to cross three countries and the Northern Sea in one go. And that is not all… there was another difficulty with this delivery. Since Norway does not belong to the European Union, customs clearance had to be done at the border without delay. Our customer did not have a local broker who could help, but we were able to locate a customs broker who would monitor the import process at the border.”
Everything was set up, and at 10 am on November 3, it reached the border at Sweden. After customs clearance, it was delivered at the customer’s plant by 11 am, only 24 hours away from the original call for help.
Optimized logistic processes and 24-hour availability at BW Papersystems Frankfurt allow same day deliveries by road to customers in Germany and all neighboring countries. Moreover, with the international airport minutes away from the warehouse and the next flight out option, the Frankfurt office also convinces when it comes to airfreight deliveries worldwide.
BW Papersystems Frankfurt and its customer service is a shining star in the corrugated industry and accepts any challenge, seizing every opportunity to serve.
Do you want to learn more? Please contact us, we are always happy to help!


Colussi Group is an Italian private company that operates in the food sector. Its activities include the production and selling of high quality products such as pasta, rice, bakery products and confectionery. The Group includes five of the most excellent brands of Italian tradition: Colussi, Misura, Agnesi, Flora, Sapori di Siena 1832. The adoption of modern procedures guarantees the authenticity, health and hygiene of the products from the factory to the table in our homes.

Simionato has provided Colussi Group with several systems, including weighing and packaging machines. The oldest machines dates back to 1990. Throughout the years, the relationship between the two companies has strengthened, through intensive cooperation that was implemented by a tailored service program.

Service scheduled through Simionato gives the opportunity to plan and reduce maintenance costs, without incurring any downtime with relative inconveniences. The maintenance contract includes a scheduled service by a qualified Simionato team member, intervention priorities and spare parts discounts.

“We are very pleased with this service, it has strengthened the collaboration between our two companies, establishing a relationship of continuity and reliability. The proposed maintenance contract gave us the opportunity to organize interventions in different plants, warranting ongoing maintenance of the machines. The positive results led us to a renewal of the contract,” says Mr. Pennisi,  Industrial Management of Colussi Spa.

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